The company daycare center

Ideal for parents and employers

The company daycare center

Ideal for parents and employers!

Company childcare is in vogue

Advantages for parents and employers

Do you know the advantages of a company daycare center that is located either directly in the company or in an outsourced kindergarten? Employers benefit from the higher productivity of their employees. A lack of places in daycare centers, long distances to daycare centers and below-average educational quality are a thing of the past with company childcare. Instead, employee parents enjoy short commutes and even have more money in their family coffers! Employers who opt for company childcare actively help their employees to achieve an ideal work-life balance. And by the way: your company does not have to build a daycare center – we have already created the daycare places for your employees’ parents. Become part of our network.

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Short parental leave

Relief for families

Financial & temporal

Subsidies from the federal government

Until 2022

Higher productivity

Satisfied employees

We realize company daycare centers

Values for parents and employers

Company childcare is ideally suited to every work and family situation and gives working parents a lot of free capacity. In addition to time aspects, a company daycare center can relieve employees’ family budgets by around €500 per month per daycare child! This is because the average cost of regular daycare is currently €1,000 per child per month. If company childcare is introduced by the end of 2021, employers will receive federal funding for the implementation of a company daycare center until at least the end of 2022.

Parents can at least Save €500 a month!

Companies receive state funding!

Daycare centers for family-friendly companies

Daycare centers for family-friendly companies

Children in good hands

We make company childcare possible

Employers and parents benefit equally from a company daycare center. Family and career are easier to reconcile – in every family situation. Short distances save a lot of time and protect the environment. Company childcare becomes part of the compensation package – employees receive more net from gross. There are no entry barriers for employers. You do not have to make an investment and have no contingent obligation. You can concentrate on your day-to-day business – we take care of the childcare according to your requirements. Find out more about it! We will explain the possibilities and how you can implement company childcare in your company. – State subsidized. Sustainably planned. Professionally operated.

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