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We create day-care places & day-care jobs and realise company child care

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Are you looking for a day-care place, a day-care job or would you like company childcare? – We’ll make sure of it! As a platform for the entire Kita world, we create new childcare offers, Kita places and jobs for educators and pedagogical staff. All parties benefit equally from our services – children, parents, employers, daycare centres. friends of education unites the aspiration to continuously improve the quality of children’s education. For:

  1. Parents who are looking for daycare places for their children, who work according to the friends of education claim. In metropolitan areas, we are eliminating existing shortages of childcare places in cooperation with employers – we have daycare places available.
  2. Pedagogical staff who appreciate an educator-oriented workplace design and organization and who want to actively contribute to realizing the friends of education claim – we create attractive workplaces
  3. Employers who want to differentiate themselves by, among other things, allowing their employees to participate in what is currently the most attractive childcare concept on the market – we offer investment opportunities with a very high return on investment
  4. Professionals and interested parties in the context of children’s education who want to provide impulses for the friends education platform – together we develop meaningful educational impulses for children.

For parents and children

Looking for a daycare place?

We have free places. You are looking for the best possible care location for your specific family situation. Pedagogical quality according to the friends of education claim is the right learning environment for your child from your parents’ point of view. Bilingual language support, “organic” quality of ingredients, modern equipment according to the latest pedagogical findings, promotion of movement using innovative media is important to you for your child. You are welcome to join us!

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For pedagogical staff

Looking for a daycare job?

Discover daycare jobs that meet your needs! We offer attractive conditions such as bonuses, salary increases, small groups, high staffing ratios and advanced training that will really help you get ahead. We work consistently educator-oriented and use the friends of education impulses in such a way that we continuously improve workplace design and the organization of pedagogical work. Check out our daycare job openings and apply now!

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For employers & employee parents

Corporate childcare – thought ahead

Kita thought further and made better is our claim. We are convinced that resident-centered corporate childcare is the preferred model in the near future. We implement company daycare centers and expand the existing range of company daycare services offered by employers to include company childcare close to home. Together with us, you can offer your employee parents the most attractive company childcare concept currently available on the market.

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Our value cycle – your advantages


In all metropolitan areas, there are too few childcare places and too few educational professionals. Working hand in hand with employers in metropolitan areas, we create daycare places for employee parents at precisely the care locations that employee parents want. We are convinced that the future belongs to company childcare close to home. We achieve the desired and necessary pedagogical quality at all of our daycare centers by, among other things, consistently designing our workplaces and work organization with educators in mind. The impetus for continuous quality improvement comes from the friends of education.

Kitas in
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From a network of locations, parents choose
the one that best suits the family situation. Communicate your need now!


We are eliminating the shortage of daycare places in metropolitan areas. You are looking for
a place or want to use the family fund at the
relieve care spending. Make a place request now.


You want to be educator-focused,
Experience appreciation, increase your salary?
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You want to be educator-focused,
Experience appreciation, increase your salary?
Start the dialogue with us now.

We are looking for reinforcement! Vacancies for educators in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg.


Discover vacancies for educational professionals and those who want to become one! Discover vacancies for educational professionals and those who want to become one!

With your support as a pedagogical specialist or trainee in one of our daycare centers in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg or another city, we can continue to think and redesign childcare. Get to know us and apply for a job with us now!

For our new Kitas we are looking for:

  • Educators
  • Childminders
  • Trainee for an educational qualification

Benefit from many advantages:

  • Salary increase
  • Small groups
  • High staffing ratio
  • Permanent position

We still have free day care places!


You want your child to benefit from the quality of friends of education pedagogy? Your child learns in an interest-oriented way. Language support is bilingual at almost all locations. The ingredients of our food is “organic”. We use the latest media to promote physical activity. The room design and equipment selection is based on the latest pedagogical findings and with advisory support from specialists. We can only achieve our claim of promoting our pedagogical staff and the children in our facilities with a high staffing ratio. We currently offer daycare places in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich in cooperation with the employer of a parent or guardian. Our network continues to grow. The earlier you express your interest, the more precisely we can align our growth with your wishes and jointly approach your employer(s) for cooperation. You decide the best possible childcare location for your child in our network of locations.

Contact us if:

  • you are looking for a daycare place
  • you would like to relieve your family fund of childcare costs
  • you and your child want to have another day care experience after the first one

Company childcare close to home


For employers in metropolitan areas, we introduce company childcare or expand the existing company daycare offering to include childcare close to home in employer cooperation. Many of our medium-sized customers supplement their company daycare facilities near the workplace with places in our daycare centers close to the homes of their employee parents. The Kita network concept has convincing advantages:

  • The return on investment is high
  • Employee satisfaction grows – guaranteed!
  • Productivity of employee parents increases
  • The attractiveness on personnel markets and in external presentation is growing

In metropolitan areas, the number of companies offering corporate childcare is rising sharply. Skilled personnel are scarce, proven team members are to be retained even in the family building phase, differentiation on personnel markets is becoming increasingly important. Employee parents whose employers have opted for a friends of education collaboration:

  • Wählen Sie einen Betreuungsplatz in einer unserer Kindertagesstätten oder
  • Name a facility where they would like to place their child.

Would you like to have company childcare or would you like to develop your offer further? Get in touch!

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