Team Building Events

More team spirit through play!

Team Building Events

More team spirit through play!

Building a playground as a corporate team event?

Meaningful for employees and the company

friends of education events offer companies the opportunity to hold an extraordinary team-building event in a kindergarten. The 20 – 200 participants build a playground for the children of a large daycare center in Berlin as a team over 1 – 3 days. The company can donate all stations & equipment as part of a sponsorship. The positive effects of this event are obvious: team spirit, cohesion, leadership skills, project management, feedback and communication are developed and promoted. The sponsor therefore benefits from an investment in its employees and donates the play equipment to a good cause. This strengthens its brand both internally and externally.

Ability to work in a team



is improved

Purpose’ project

Sensible result

Higher productivity

Satisfied employees

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Who is the event suitable for?

The offer is aimed at companies, specialized team-building agencies, leadership coaches and their clients, HR managers, department heads/team leaders and their employees who are increasingly looking for such opportunities. Why should you opt for an outdoor team building event where you build a children’s playground together? – Especially after corona & home office, people have to (re)learn “real teamwork” so that they can work together as a team with maximum productivity, efficiency & satisfaction. To ensure that the opportunity is open to many, our range of sponsorship options is not only aimed at companies, but can also be offered and carried out by specialized providers and brokers of team building events. By the way: Attractive conditions also apply for agencies & brokers!

Why combine sponsoring + event?

Corporate events in conjunction with sponsoring initiatives are very popular because they offer benefits that go far beyond the actual team building measures: In a mere team-building event, only the department benefits, i.e. a small handful of participants. However, if the company also acts as a sponsor, this makes bigger waves: This is because sponsorship – as in the case of the kindergarten playground – can be communicated across departments and companies. As an external PR measure and an internal employer branding measure, it enhances the company’s image with a signal effect: “Our company uses team building to ensure that employees are doing well – and at the same time supports the next generation of children with meaningful sponsorship. This convinces employees, customers and other stakeholders of the organization’s purpose.

Team building with purpose

Team building with purpose

Program & Tasks

Games, fun & teamwork for all participants


e.g. day 1

09:00 a.m.: Welcome & round of introductions

09:30 am: Explanation of the stations & team allocation

10:00 a.m.: The set-up begins…

12:30 p.m.: Lunch & creative team reflection

13:45: The construction continues…

15:30: Refreshment break

17:30: End of the set-up on day 1

18:00: Feedback round

18:15: Dinner together

From 21.00: Evening event (e.g. hotel opposite)



  • Build a buggy parking space (canopy).
  • Assemble play vehicles.
  • Set up play equipment (under supervision), e.g. construction trailer.
  • Gardening (replanting, refreshing, creating parent-child beds).
  • Purchase and setup of the MultiBall game system.
  • Carry out repairs.
  • Changing the play sand – high level of difficulty!
  • Installation of outdoor lighting.
  • Tearing down/destroying/removing old installations.
  • Take over catering as a kitchen team in a fully equipped kitchen.
  • Optimization of existing types of use.
  • Implementation of own team ideas.


The event can be organized either by a company itself, an agency or by friends of education events. The sponsor selects the playground equipment from a list. We take care of the ordering & logistics. Due to the weather conditions, the months of May – September are best suited for holding the event. Experts are present to ensure safety on site.

Prices & Packages

The prices for team building depend on several factors:

  • Package (3 to choose from)
  • Participants (20 – 200)
  • Duration of the event (1-3 days)
  • Evening event (with/without families)
  • Desired additional services

Request an overview of prices & services! We will send them to you immediately.

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