Learning through play

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Learning through play

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Would you like to offer your child a meaningful leisure activity where they can learn while playing – or play innovative games yourself that are really fun and scientifically proven to improve learning skills? Take advantage of the CleverLernFit opportunities at our locations in Munich and Berlin. Simply register your children or book the areas and games for yourself and your friends.

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Clever games for clever children

How children and adults benefit from the offer

Each CleverLernFit game was co-developed by scientists and uses the latest research on children’s brain development. The games are played in such a way that learning skills are specifically developed – didactically designed by specialist educational staff. CleverLernFit has been scientifically proven to make your players fitter when it comes to “remembering”, “concentrating”, “combining” and much more.

Parents or guardians can be sure that the games will encourage their child in a clever way. That’s why time and money are well spent. They are great alternatives to television, videos, social media and other forms of employment that tend to be less beneficial. By the way: several games also teach the sensible use of new electronic media. CleverLernFitis therefore the clever alternative – it’s more fun and always makes more sense.

What parents say about CleverLernFit

“The CleverLernFit offer is simply clever: meaningful parental freedom.”

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“I am convinced that my child is being cleverly supported. Skills are strengthened even before they are needed at school.”

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“Try it out: Anticipation, fun, encouragement, relaxed family life for all of us.”

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“After a year of “CleverLernFit” three times a week, tutoring was no longer necessary.”

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“CleverLernFit was our “game changer” as a family: more fun, higher motivation, better grades.”

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